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Top Ten Reasons to Become a Writer (via Kristen Lamb’s Blog)

I know this is a cheap way to go about posting this week but everybody who knows me knows that I am a true cheapskate.  While on my adventure to become a writer I have happened upon a wonderful blog site.

I was reading Kristen’s advice on novel beginnings and saw this entry. It is very humorous and seems to hit a strong chord with her faithful followers of which I now include myself.    Please check out this blog and I will be posting original content very soon.



Top Ten Reasons to Become a Writer Today is Free-for-All-Friday, and thus is my choice. I was skimming through some earlier posts and came across this one…that cracks me up even now. So, I thought I would post again for the benefit of the newbies and to give my loyal followers a good laugh. Come on, you know this still makes you laugh. “Easily amused” falls in the writer job description, right? I still remember the day I told my family I was leaving corporate sales to become a w … Read More

via Kristen Lamb’s Blog